Optical Lens

There are two production lines in our lens manufacture department to meet different demands. One is the low-speed polishing that is the classic way to produce lenses with high surface accuracy and low roughness requirements. The other is the high-speed polishing which provides more cost effective solution to those lenses with large quantity and fast delivery requirements.

Surface Accuracy
Surface Quality
Spherical/Aspherical Lenses
Up to Φ630mm
Up to 1/20λ P-V
Up to 20-10 S&D
Up to 0.5nm



Item:Φ630mm Aspherical Lens
Vertex Radius Of Curvature=1740.304
Conic Constant, k=-0.5834
Measuring Instrument:4D Dynamic Interferometer
Requirements:PV 0.25 λ(λ@632.8nm)
Results:PV 0.197λ RMS λ /30 (λ@632.8nm)


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