Optical Mirror

We can process medium to large size mirrors up to the diameter of 1500mm, especially specializing in manufacturing aspheres,spheres and flats with high precision requirements. Both on-axis and off-axis could be custom-made based upon the requests.

ProductsDimensionsSurface AccuracySurface QualityRoughness
Optical Flats/WindowsUp to Φ1500mm
Up to λ/20 P-V
Up to 20-10 S&D
Up to 0.5nm
Up to Φ1500mm
Up to λ/20 P-V
Up to 20-10 S&D
Up to 0.5nm



Item:Φ200mm Optical flats
Materials :ZERODUR
Measuring Instrument :300mm ZYGO Interferometer
Requirements :PV 0.1λ(λ@632.8nm)
Results :PV 0.052λ RMS 0.007λ(λ@632.8nm)


Item:Φ315mm Off-Axis Parabolic Mirror
Materials:Fused Silica
Vertex Radius Of Curvature=3000
Conic Constant, k =-1
Measuring Instrument :4D Dynamic Interferometer
Requirements :RMS λ/30 (λ@632.8nm)
Results:RMS λ/37 (λ@632.8nm)

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